Ten Day Challenge: Day Three

Yesterday was rough. I felt like a total weenie because it was only day two, and who can’t handle healthy eating for a mere two days?! It probably didn’t help that it was an insane-o day at work, but by the time I got home I was a mild rage monster and inclined to burst into tears. My breakfast had been über bland, though I discovered the awesomeness of dates to help make almond butter not suck. Lunch wasn’t filling and I had trouble choking down my sweet potato. I was starving by the end of the day. I made some chicken, brown rice, and steamed broccoli, a meal I normally love, but I was hardly able to do more than pick at it with a distinct lack of enthusiasm. Even the fact that I went to CrossFit that morning failed to make my life better. Funk city.

I woke up this morning determined that today would be better and that I would find a way to focus on what I’m allowed to eat rather than what I can’t eat. After all, this isn’t the most restrictive diet ever. I can eat many many things. I just need to get over my need for pastries. And pasta. And sugar. I hit up Freddie’s for supplies on my way to work. I made sure to get more protein today, and eat things that are filling and happy. And, indeed, today was a much better day. I think I am much less likely to be found passed out on the floor of the Starbucks, surrounded by empty cups of chai and crumbs of scones.

The rest of the cleanse is going well. The fiber drink is tasty, though the texture is as bad as expected. The key is to chug it fast. The pills are doable and I am thrilled to say that I have not had to make any panicked bathroom runs thus far.

Day 2:
Breakfast- fiber drink; oatmeal with pureed pumpkin, walnuts, and almond butter…. And chopped dates once I realized it was awful.
Snacks- fruties, freeze dried fruit from Costco (strawberries and bananas)
Lunch- spinach salad with mushrooms, snap peas, turkey lunch meat, and vinaigrette; celery sticks with almond butter and chopped dates (aka the most kick-ass version of ants on a log ever); half a sweet potato
Dinner- chicken, rice, broccoli, and a Lara bar
Herbal pills before bed

Day 3:
Breakfast- fiber drink; protein drink from odwalla, vegetarian breakfast burrito
Snacks- fruities, freeze dried fruit (apples with cinnamon). I resisted the chocolate covered pretzels a client brought in. It was hard.
Lunch- Madras lentil chili and ants on a log
Dinner- chicken meatballs (I love Costco) with pineapples and snap peas. Confession: Andrew made a sauce that included brown sugar. Naughty!
Dessert- pomegranate seeds!
Herbal pills before bed


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