Advocare Cleanse Day 4

Today it was suggested to me by my husband that perhaps I should cheat a bit on the diet aspect of this cleanse; apparently I’ve been a wee smidgeon bitchy for the past few days. This suggestion may have been triggered by an expletive-laden text I sent Andrew complaining about traffic on my way to work. Bah. But I’m hoping that my attitude will be improving from here on out because I’m nearly at the halfway point. Woo! Nearly halfway there! Nearly halfway there! Now that’s a vigorous and rowdy chant a girl can get behind. Can we get some fist pumps with that?

I’ll admit I did cheat a bit with dinner. I had a hummus plate at trivia night and, I’m sorry, but if there is feta on my plate I will eat it. I’M NOT MADE OF STONE HERE, PEOPLE! But in reality that was barely a cheat because it was all real food, even if some of it was dairy and I’m betting the pitas were not 100% whole grain.

I’m discovering some things about my diet while under these restrictions. Firstly, I eat a crap-load of sugar during the day. Secondly, I’m apparently a carbitarian. I’ve been having a lot of trouble eating my meals even though I’ve been more or less constantly hungry since I started the cleanse. I think it is because I’m eating more protein and fiber than is usual for me. This morning I nearly ralfed mid-bite during breakfast because I guess a hash is a bit more substantial than my usual oatmeal and toast.

Day three:
Breakfast- hash made with a sweet potato, chicken/apple sausage, tomatoes, and an egg; tea; probiotic pills
Snacks- fruities, freeze dried fruit (yet again, manfully resisting the chocolate covered pretzels in the break room. I’m watching the entire container disappear without me having even one and I may cry a little)
Lunch- Madras lentil chili again (yum); carrot sticks and sugar snap peas with garlic hummus; handful of dates
Dinner #1- two rice cakes with mustard and turkey lunch meat
Dinner #2- hummus plate (spicy roasted pepper hummus, carrots, cucumbers, pitas, and feta)


This picture has no purpose other than to make me laugh.


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