Ten Day Cleanse: the Last Half

I got lazy with my blog posts. Sigh. But here is a summary of the last days of my cleanse. These days seemed less of a struggle- maybe I had gotten over some kind of hump. Dinners were still harder than they should have been. For a cookbook hoarder, cooking magazine junkie, and cooking website bookmarker like myself, you would think I would have had a ton of real-food recipes up my sleeve. But alas I found myself floundering. I almost bought myself the Practical Paleo cookbook from Costco but Andrew has put a moratorium on buying cookbooks (did I mention I’m an addict?). So if I had to do this again I would sit myself down well ahead of time and figure out a whole bunch of awesome-sauce dinners with no forbidden ingredients so when I came home starving and my only thought to put as much food in my mouth as quickly as possible, I would have some go-to meals already in the back of my head. Live and learn.

Although my mental state was better for the last 5 days of the cleanse, circumstances were still tricky. For instance, on Saturday we went to a Lord of the Rings extended edition marathon and I did everything I could short of strapping lean chicken breasts to my chest to make sure I had good food available to me. I had probably 10 fruities and 15 larabars, an orange, 6 packages of freeze dried fruit, and a bunch of carrots hidden in my coat, purse, wallet, and Andrew’s coat. But even so, it is hard to subsist on those alone for 12 hours and I had some forbidden food. Also, on my very last day we attended an end of the world party chockablock full of comfort food. Since it was my last night, I decided it wasn’t worth being that person who only ate apples at a party so I ended my cleanse 12 hours early. I DID eat a bunch of apples at the party.

I don’t know if it was the few cheating items I ate over the course of the cleanse, but I don’t feel that different. Although, given how I felt after eating some Mac&cheese at the party, this may be a case of realizing that I felt a lot better only after I start eating some crap and start feeling awful.

Day 5:
Breakfast- oatmeal with almond butter and spreadable fruit, Naked protein drink
Lunch- rice cakes with hummus and turkey lunch meat, veggies and hummus
Snacks- fruities, freeze dried fruit
Dinner- Caesar salad (I avoided the croutons and Parmesan), baked sole stuffed with crab meat and broccoli that I suspect had a bunch of butter and garlic on it (we went to red lobster and I scoured the menu for cleanse friendly items. I think I mostly succeeded. Incidentally, we got the hands down worst service ever while we were there.)

Day 6:
Breakfast- Naked protein drink
Lunch- Chinese food (we met a friend for the movie and he wanted to buy us lunch first. I didn’t want to be that jerk who looked at a menu and said nothing was compatible with my diet, so I ate a small amount of a lunch special that I’m pretty sure had nothing on the “okay” list).
Snacks- fruities, freeze dried fruit, a clementine orange, and larabars
Dinner- a whopper from burger king. God help me.

Day 7:
Breakfast- oatmeal with almond butter and spreadable fruit
Lunch- leftover bbq’d pork from the Chinese food, veggies, Naked juice green machine
Dinner- sloppy joes from our favorite recipe that involves pureed squash and sweet potato. Andrew asks for it all the time. I had mine in a pita since Andrew objected to me eating a “plate of sick” without any sort of bun-like item. I also had some veggies.

Day 8:
Breakfast- breakfast burrito
Lunch- leftover sloppy joes, rice cake with almond butter and banana
Snacks- same old, same old
Dinner- scrambled eggs with sausage and tomatoes, a piece of whole grain toast with supportable fruit (Dave’s organic bread), sliced apple

Day 9:
Breakfast- oatmeal with almond butter and spreadable fruit and a sliced banana, Naked juice mango
Lunch- veggies and hummus, sausage, sliced apple
Snacks- didn’t have time for snacks 😦
Dinner- tuna salad on rice cakes

Day 10:
Breakfast- breakfast burrito and a banana
Lunch- beef and veggie soup
Dinner- apples, cheese (cheddar, Gouda, brie), some kind of fruit jelly, French bread, nutella, pizza, Mac &cheese, perogies, gluten-free crackers


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