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Stitch Fix October 2013

Warning: Girly post ahead.

Have you heard of Stitch Fix?  Because seriously it is amazing.  Stitch Fix is a personal styling company that every month (or as infrequently as you like- this is my second Fix in a year) sends you five clothing items based on your size and style preferences.  They also try to send you things that will push you a bit outside of your declared style boundaries.  You can try on all the items in the privacy of your own home, with good lighting, and with access to your own wardrobe to see how various pieces mix and match.  And you decide what to keep and what to send back!  They provide you with a prepaid package to return items in and you review all the items in your fix to tell them what you liked and didn’t like so they can take that into consideration for your next fix.  Each time they send you a Fix you are charged a $20 “styling fee” that acts as credit towards your purchase if you decide to keep any of the items, and if you decide to keep them all you get 25% off the whole kit and caboodle!  The items tend to be a bit pricey overall, so I keep this as an occasional treat to myself.

I ordered my most recent Fix just before my birthday and it came yesterday.  So exciting!!  Andrew declared himself to be “not a portrait photographer” so all I have are crappy cell phone photos to show off my goodies.  But just try to imagine everything all artfully posed under the amazing yellow tree in our yard.  Can you see it?  Good.


Opening the box is very exciting because it is still a mystery what will be found inside.


I would like to clarify that that is not my hairy arm opening the box. Andrew decided he needed to open it for me.

Once you pull everything out you find a personalized note from your stylist telling you why they sent you what they sent you.  Each piece also comes with a little card with styling suggestions.


This month I got: A huge wrap/scarf that is supremely cozy and warm; an asymmetrical zip jacket that I love love love; slim bootcut jeans (in my style profile I requested that they never ever ever send me skinny jeans); a simple 3/4 sleeve cardigan in a lovely deep wine color; and a super cute fall colored dress with a flaring, burnt umber skirt, cream and brown stripes on top, and a button detail on the shoulder.

The jeans are tighter than I normally select for myself, and very comfortable.  They have a lot of stretch so I don’t moon anyone when I sit down.  I also like that while they aren’t what you normally think of as “colored denim,” they are also not the traditional blue jean color.  Alas, they are several inches too long for my short self.


I rolled up the legs to show off my sweet new boots so you can't tell how long these are. But trust me: too long.

The jacket is so cozy and warm and I think I have pinned several similar jackets on Pinterest.  Side note: when you fill out your fashion profile you can tell them your username on Pinterest so they can look at your fashion board to help decide what to send you.  I hope they also enjoy infinity Doctor Who posts, because that may happen on my Pinterest…I think the jacket would have been even better in a nice jewel tone like red or teal, but I’m not going to reject this awesome jacket just because it is a comfortable gray.


I promise that I'm having fun; I'm just concentrating really hard on not getting a blurry picture so my smile muscles are on hold.

The scarf is ginormous.  It is more like a half wrap/half scarf.  But it feels so soft and can be wrapped several different ways so I believe it has found a home in my scarf collection.  My name is Andrea, and I have a ton of scarves.  The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?  I am finding more and more that I am a sucker for deep jewel tones, and I think the stylists at Stitch Fix have my number on that one.


Can' to...get picture...

The cardigan is nothing glamorous or what one may consider super fashionista item, but I love it.  I layer all the time and love how cardigans look. The material is soft and the color is gorgeous. This piece was a no-brainer keeper even before Talen jumped on me for a split second and covered it in white fur.  Thanks Talen.  There is a really good chance I will be wearing that cardigan almost constantly for a while.


I love cardigans!

The dress was troublesome at first.  I pulled it out and immediately fell in love.  The fabric is heavy and the skirt flares out beautifully.  The colors are not what I would have chosen, but so autumnal and I think they look fairly good on my ghostly-white complexion.  I tried it on and it fit very nicely.  The only problem was me: I am short, with big boobs and hips.  And the shape of this dress combined with the shape of me made me feel like a squat hourglass.  But the more I paraded around the house trying it with different jackets and cardigans, the more I was assured by people I trust that it did not make me look like a busty oompa loompa.


Not convinced




Do burnt umber and teal work together? I think so.

This puts me in a quandary though: I was originally thinking I would send back the too-long-but-comfy jeans and the super-adorable-but-maybe-I-need-to-work-on-my-body-issues dress, and that would have been fine.  But thanks to that 25% off the whole order if you keep all 5 pieces bit, it now becomes more cost effective to keep the jeans and get the discount.  Maybe I can find someone to hem the jeans for my poor short self…

This also reminds me that maybe I need to do this more than twice a year (practically once a year actually.  I think my first fix was almost exactly a year ago).  Perhaps not monthly since my orders have been averaging around $200, but I think this particular expense counts as both entertainment AND clothing on the budget since I have so much fun covering my kitchen table with clothing and running through the house to try different combinations of clothing.  It is also nice to have grown up clothing since I primarily fill my wardrobe with stuff from Old Navy and novelty t-shirts.

My totally selfish conclusion is that if you want to try out Stitch Fix, you can say that I referred you and it gives me a credit on my account.  Think of the cardigans! Follow this Link to sign up for your own fix and help support my rare, girly activity.