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NaNoWriMo 2013: Let’s Get This Thing Started!

It came to my attention lately that I just turned 30.  Some people who are more organized than I am may have done a pre-30 bucket list.  But I am not that person!  Oh no. I am starting on my “woah, I just turned 30 maybe I should step out of my comfort zone and do some stuff” list.

One of my secret ambitions (less secret now, I guess) was to someday write a book.  Not necessarily the next great American novel; I’m aiming more towards the crappy murder mystery that you read in less than 48 hours on a cozy, rainy weekend level of literature.  Sidenote: I am learning more about subgenres and apparently that type of mystery is referred to as a “cozy mystery.”  Which is nicer than my version.

Well I have here my new keyboard so I can blog more and potentially write that cozy American novel.  All I need is the gumption to get started!  And it turns out there is a whole month dedicated to people like me who want to write and aren’t sure how to get started.  This event is called “NaNoWriMo,” or National Novel Writing Month.  For the whole month of November, introverts and closet creatives challenge themselves to cram as much writing into a month as possible with the ultimate goal of completing 50,000 words.  These don’t have to be amazing and edited, they don’t have to be a completed novel…they just have to be there as a start.  And once you “win,” you can do with those words what you will.  Edit them into a piece of amazingness, reject them utterly, resolve to start again next year.

So that’s what I’m doing.  30 days, 50k words, wild abandon.  It’s on.

I was tossing around a novel set in my hometown in Poulsbo, though it rather creepily turns out that my mom and I were thinking about the exactly the same murder site.  So I’m abandoning that for now, with the option of doing a PJ Tracy-style collaboration with mom down the road.  Instead, I’m doing D&D Noir: where the demons haunting you from your past may be actual demons.

Wish me luck!