Monthly Archives: February 2014

Musings with a headache

Today was my day off.  Yes, it is a Wednesday.  But today is my Saturday because I am working on the real Saturday this week.  Some Wednesdays I have grand plans of getting things done and give into laziness instead.  Some Wednesdays I actually accomplish things that make me feel like a real live grown up instead of a kid trapped in a 30 year old’s life.  Then there was today: the day of the headache. 

Now, in spite of the fact that I am clearly complaining about headaches, I do not mean to belittle the pain of any unlucky souls who get migraines.  I don’t get those.  What I do get are sinus headaches.  Which can bring their own fun to the game because typically you can’t bend over without having to brace yourself against a wall and wait for the pounding to pass.  No flashing lights, no nausea, no light or sound sensitivity, just a difficulty with gravity and a desire to be non-functional till it passes.  Today’s headache was probably not helped by the fact that I am trying to wean myself off a wicked Starbucks habit and have gone caffeine free for two full days.  Or the fact that I’m also trying to like red wine to fool people into thinking I’m sophisticated so I had a big ol’ glass of some 14 Hands Red Blend last night with dinner.

So instead of going to CrossFit and running errands today, I drained the battery on my phone by laying on the couch with a cat on my chest and watching YouTube videos.  Eventually I was able to sit up without wanting to cry or having to hold my hands around my head to keep my brains from springing forth from my forehead like Athena from Zeus.  The headache receded into the background of dull throbbing and, thanks to the combination of Sudafed and Excedrin, my arms didn’t feel quite connected to my body anymore.  I was ready to tackle the day….at 2pm.  I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and had a small heart attack before realizing that the scary looking hobo that had wandered into my house was, in fact, me.


Talen is pleased by my lack of mobility. He doesn't care that I look like an angry hobo as long as I hold still.

So what did I accomplish today?  Let’s make a list:

* Made the laziest dinner ever.  I threw a can of beans, a can of corns, a can of tomatoes, some chicken boobs, some seasoning (including a ranch packet), and a jar of homemade salsa into the crockpot and stuck a brick of cream cheese on top.  Classy.

* Took the Swiffer sweeper to the living room because I was worried the dust bunnies would rise up and eat one of the dogs.  So I guess you could say I saved a life.

* Swapped the dishwasher because our kitchen was starting to look as scary as I looked in the mirror.

* Did a load of laundry so that I could have pants for work the rest of the week.  Today, pants are overrated, but tomorrow I think they will be required.

* Took a shower and shaved my legs primarily as an excuse to stay in the shower longer.

* Edited some of my NaNo book and entirely cut out a huge plot point after deciding that it was crap and did exactly nothing to advance my story.  This was simultaneously liberating and frightening.  But probably necessary.

I guess I wasn’t an entire waste of space after all.  Nearly, but not quite.  Win!


Talen keeps it classy.